It can be hard to break away from the familiar. But Perhaps one that you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to it.

Get out of your comfort zone. Try pure teas only, no flavoured teas. Experiment and appreciate teas that have been carefully handcrafted by passionate tea masters.

I personally discovered/rediscovered 5 black teas from different countries that I would highly recommend:

1 – Organic Black from La Cumbre Bitaco in Columbia – A very smooth tea with notes of molasses and cacao. I was really impressed with this tea which became one of my new favourite.

2 – Evening Lilac from Renegade Tea Estate in Georgia – Light and silky with floral, lilac note to it.

3 – Organic Assam tea from Kanoka Tea Estate in India – This one has been a favourite of ours since we visited their tea coop on our first tea trip to Asia. Smooth, malty and everything you can expect from a small batch tea from Assam. P.S. This tea is actually available on our website.

4 – Wild Boar from Hatvala Tea in Vietnam – A very bold and complex tea with notes of chocolate and plum. Perfect with or without dairy, especially in the morning

5 – Black Luo Cha Snail Shape from China – A very light afternoon tea that was recommended by a lovely tea tender at Tea Traders on our last trip to Calgary. Described as malty and floral with hints of chocolate. For me, this lovely amber coloured tea had a hint of orange in it.

Sarah + Chris

What is your recent tea discovery? Let us know in the comments below.

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