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Number E Tea

Brewing Sparkling Tea with Passion Since 2016.

Number E Tea began as a dream to turn our love of tea into a line of unique and tasty
sparkling beverages to fill a gap in the crafted RTD market. Our passion for the beverage
industry has led us to create our oh-so-enjoyable, non-alcohol, handcrafted, sparkling
teas and botanicals. We saw the need for a complex drink that could be enjoyed the
same way beer and wine are. Alcohol often steals the show, but it doesn’t have to! Our
aim is to create a superior quality and variety of premium, non-alcohol beverages.

Imagine if you will, a drink that ignites your palate and creates a mystery around what it
is that makes it so darn delicious! We use tea as the main ingredient to add depth and
complexity to our products. Having a certified tea sommelier on our team means that
those freshly sourced loose leaf teas will be brewed at the right temperature, in the right
type of water, and for the right amount of time in order to extract the perfect flavours.
Even when mixed with other ingredients, tea is still at the forefront. We also directly
source our own tea from trusted tea estates around the world. We will not compromise
the quality and taste by using tea extracts. Perfect for the tea aficionado but also for
anyone who is looking to try something classy and unique, without the need for alcohol.

All our products are handcrafted in small batches at our steepery located in
Northumberland, Ontario.

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