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This year Canthesis has been recognized by Trend Hunter as an innovator within the Canadian beverage industry. We work with visionary companies and innovative people to create analog and digital consumer beverage experiences. With a vision to realize the full potential of technology to drive a new era of beverage production and consumer interaction, Canthesis has developed a new sales and media platform that brings together Beverage Production, AR technology, Consumer sales and Licensee sales, integrated with Latest Buzz, our social media platform, where stories are told and relationships are built through engaging Canadian lifestyle content.


The Future Party brings together people and technology within one unforgettable experience. Held in the evening on the first day of Future Festival World Summit, the Future Party showcases the latest in emerging tech through Tech Demonstrations and Immersion Rooms–both designed to stimulate your creativity and unlock innovation. Explore these futuristic, tech-focused experiences while sipping on otherworldly cocktails, networking with like-minded innovators, and sharing an open innovation forum.

Thank-you to Trend Hunter for the invite!

We look forward to some great conversations at the event!
Team Canthesis

Sheraton Centre Toronto
123 Queen St W, Toronto, ON
Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 4 to 8pm.