In Canada, jumping off a dock into a crisp body of water is practically a rite of passage. Is there anything quite as refreshing as waking up without an alarm and having a drink on the deck to begin a carefree weekend up north? For many Canadians, May through September means packing up the car and escaping their everyday routine to spend weekends relaxing in cottage country.

The short summer season we have in our cool-climate country must be savoured. Whether you spend every weekend at the family cottage, or have a short-term rental for a long weekend, the limited time we have to run barefoot to the beach or hangout in the hammock needs to be worry-free and made for memories. Here are a few tips to ensure you are ready for a tranquil weekend in cottage country.

Prepare ahead

Heading up to the cottage for a bachelorette party? A romantic holiday? A thrilling weekend of water sports? Divide and conquer amongst friends and family to prepare for your weekend away. If you’re in charge of snacks, someone else could be in charge of meals or games. A fun idea is to have one person, couple or family in charge of one meal. That way, everyone takes turns putting together their best cottage dinner or relaxing on their day off.

Be ready for the rain

When packing for a weekend to the cottage, most people are expecting their days to be filled with swimming, sunning, floating, fishing, grilling and lawn games galore. Mother Nature often has other plans and your outdoor vacation may turn into a rainy weekend staring at the lake from inside the cottage. A rainy day doesn’t have to dampen your weekend, though. Include a deck of cards, board games, or any fun team game that can be played indoors and the hours will fly by. The louder the game can be, the more fun you’ll have – think Taboo.

Up your drink game

When you’re up at the cottage, you don’t want to be fussing with glasses or broken bottles. With so many delicious options available, boycott the bottles for your weekend and opt for cans. Single-serve canned cocktails or wines are the perfect option for a weekend spent outdoors on the deck, the dock or floating in the lake. They are easy to travel with, difficult to break, and they keep their cool longer than other packaging options. Plus, they’re fun to share!

Don’t get caught in the cold

As excited as we are for weekends of sun and surf, cottage country in Canada can get cold even during the dog days of summer. Nothing can ruin a weekend quite like being unprepared for the weather. Be sure to pack warm clothes for those chilly nights. No matter what weather your weekend brings, you’ll be swimsuit ready for the sun and bonfire ready for when the stars come out. 


We know that some of you out there love to plan your day hour-by-hour, but that’s not what the cottage is for! Prioritize rest, fun and making memories with whomever you’re sharing your holiday. Remember, the days will soon be getting shorter – make your cottage weekends count. 

Will you be at a cottage anytime through the summer? Share your tips and tricks for the ultimate cottage experience! #Canthesis #Canjoy