Has there ever been a better pairing than a glass (or two) of wine and an assortment of cheeses? At Canthesis, we are all about trying new things and experiencing new flavours, so we thought we would take this opportunity to share some of our favourite wine and cheese pairings so that you can try them too!


Here are 5 wine and cheese pairings that we have enjoyed this summer:


Cabernet Sauvignon & Sharp Cheddar
A tried and true pairing that almost anyone will enjoy is a cabernet sauvignon with a  sharp cheddar. The rich fruit and herb flavours in the wine will complement the boldness of the cheese. You can pair your favourite cab sauv and any intense-flavoured cheese for a delicious tasting experience.


Pinot Noir & Jarlsberg
Jarlsberg is Swiss style Norwegian cheese with versatility that makes it a great addition to any cheese tray. The Pinot Noir has just enough acidity to bring out the unique flavour of the Jarlsberg without being overpowering.


Zinfandel & Jalapeño
If you are someone who can’t get enough of a little added spice, this is the pairing for you. The peppery flavour of the zinfandel pairs perfectly with a jalapeño cheese, or any other spicy cheese.


Chardonnay & Brie
A glass of chardonnay and a wedge of brie are the perfect pair. The creaminess of the brie is complemented by the acidity of the wine, but neither are too much for the other. For a little added sweetness, try adding caramelized onions or red pepper jelly to your brie.


Rosé & Havarti

Another classic pairing that everyone should try is your favourite rosé with havarti cheese. The mild flavour and soft texture of the havarti is a perfect complement for the crisp flavour of the wine.

To have the best wine and cheese pairing experience, we suggest letting the cheese sit out for about an hour until it has reached room temperature to ensure full access to their unique flavours with the wine. If you are interested in trying various wines and cheeses at the same time, we recommend opting for single-serve cans, rather than opening a bottle. Many companies are offering their most popular wines in readily available cans.


Do you have a favourite wine and cheese pairing to #Canjoy that others should try? Let us know in the comments below!