Just like that, 2021 is coming to a close, but not quite before we enjoy another Christmas season. This year will be particularly special as many haven’t seen their family in the two years that travel has been restricted and larger family gatherings were swapped for more intimate get-togethers. Whatever your plans, we know that Christmas is that time of year to show people how much they mean to you, often through a thoughtful gift. While there’s no greater joy than seeing the smile on a friend’s face once they open the present you so carefully chose just for them, the season of giving is often met with stress as we try to find the perfect gifts for all of our loved ones. Here at Canthesis, we think the best gifts are simple ones that can be enjoyed and shared. Check out our gift guide for some inspiration this holiday season:

Say it with a bottle

As timeless as your favourite Christmas movie, a bottle is the gift that is always appreciated. Whether it’s for a close colleague, your child’s teacher (what teacher wouldn’t appreciate a bottle of wine this Christmas?), or for the sibling that’s impossible to shop for, you can’t go wrong with a good bottle of wine or spirits. Gift them a bottle (or a case) of their favourite go-to, or introduce them to something new. For something a little more unique, gift them a bottle of wine in a basket with all of the fixings for a charcuterie board they can enjoy on a night in or to share. We also love pairing a bottle of wine with a bottle of bubble bath or bath bombs to be used to warm up on cold winter nights.

Something for the adventurous

If you have a friend who likes a little bit of everything, an assorted pack of beer, cider or single-serve canned wine and cocktails will do the trick. Rather than just giving them a bottle of wine or spirits, an assorted pack gives you the chance to give them something they like along with something new they maybe haven’t tried yet. It can also really show the thought that went into choosing each can and why you thought it would be something they will enjoy. Maybe they’ll even share!

Pre-holiday cheer

Similar to the assorted pack, gifting an advent calendar of canned drinks is a fun way to kick off the holiday season. Pick 25 different cans of beer, wine, cider or mixed cocktails and put them in small bags that are each numbered from 1 to 25. Each day from the beginning of December until Christmas Day, your loved one will have something new to try. It is a thoughtful, fun and interactive way to give gifts during the holidays.

The gift that keeps on giving

Consider gifting that special someone a monthly club membership that they can enjoy all year long. Many of our Producers offer clubs that include VIP exclusives and special offers. What better gift could there possibly be? Each month they’ll be reminded of your good taste in both beverages and friends. Next year, you’ll also have the choice to gift Box Club!

Think outside the bottle (or can)

Branded swag is a great way to show support for producers and helps them get the word out. From touques to t-shirts, apparel is always a thoughtful gift. Of course, if you’re giving wine, beer, cider or spirits, a nice idea is to include something from which to drink their beverages. Branded items such as wine glasses or tumblers from their favourite producer are a nice touch to a great gift and shows how well you know your pal.

From all of us at Canthesis, we hope this Holiday season brings nothing but light, love and quality time spent with those most important to you.

What are your go-to Christmas gifts for your friends and family to #Canjoy? Do you plan on gifting beverages this year? Have you ever received a drinkable gift and it’s now your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!