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The tale of Longslice begins in Bracebridge, Ontario with two young brothers, Jimmy and John Peat, and their love of beer. Too young to buy beer, but old enough to buy the ingredients, the Peat brothers started their affair with home brewing together with their dad.

Fast forward a few years: John is now living in Korea, while Jimmy and soon-to-become founding partner, Sebastian Lesch, are sharing an apartment in Little Italy, Toronto. Passionate for beer and full of entrepreneurial spirit, Sebastian and Veronica Lesch, along with the Peat brothers (who are now award-winning home brewers) officially start Longslice Brewery on March 20th, 2014.

Today, the partners have turned their dream into reality, with John as the master brewer of the Longslice Brewery bricks-and-mortar facility and bottle shop in Toronto’s Canary District, along with The Aviary brewpub; a craft beer sports bar in partnership with The Dock Ellis.

Longslice Brewery is proud to call Toronto their home and offers a wide array of award-winning beer, including lagers, ales, sours and more. If you can dream it, the Longslice Brewery team can brew it

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press release – Longslice Brewery Beverly Hills Hop

Inspired by our favourite buddy-cop movie, this Small APA takes us back to the hot Californian summer. Palm trees, neon colours, and a juicy light beer that delivers on flavour. The heat is on, so cool off with a Beverly Hills Hop!

longslice brewery hotline plaza sketch

WTF is a ‘Hotline Plaza’? Is it a phone line? Is it a hotel? Is it a code name? Or is it the secret password to the dark Longslice Brewery web? The answer is: We don’t actually know! We just know that we love craft beers and especially our Juicy Pale Ale Hotline Plaza.

longslice brewery loose lips sink ships sketch

Silver medalist at the 2017 and 2018 Ontario Brewing Awards! Loose Lips Lager uses 75% premium Vienna malt, giving the beer its unique copper colour and distinctive taste!

longslice brewery h2 sketch

A two-time gold medal winner, Hopsta La Vista is perfectly balanced with the rich, malty backbone of an English IPA, and the fruity American hops of a North American IPA.

longslice brewery klondike clarke: it’s a lagered ale

This here is a nice, simple ale, brewed with premium Canadian 2-row barely malt.