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Canthesis represents the following delicious brands to venues in Ontario…

Bottle & Keg Service

Canthesis represents a select group of producers directly to licensees in Ontario. While our focus is on single–serve beverages, our Bottle and Keg Service options allow restaurants to augment their order with larger volumed product to round out their lists. The best of both worlds! No minimum order! Same easy ordering! Same hassle-free shipping!  Look for the Bottle Service and Keg Service icons below.

why single-serve!

Discover the convenience, quality and selection of our single-serve, takeout ready beverage options. Stocking your bar has never been so easy!


People love to try something new! Our ever-expanding portfolio of crowd-pleasing, Canadian artisan product allows venues to offer an amazing selection which will keep sales moving. Single-serve offerings also eliminate both product and profit waste. Say goodbye to pouring stale by-the-glass wine down the drain.

Always Fresh

With new canning technology cans have an extended shelf life and remain as fresh as the day they were made until opened. Today’s cans are lined with a non-BPA water-based polymer that keeps the contents from contacting the metal meaning no metallic taste. Cans also provide a powerful barrier against light and oxygen, which can affect a drinks flavour and freshness. No more corked bottles!

Consistently Easy

Single-serve offerings make by-the-glass pours easy and allow restaurants to offer more selection to their guests, provide faster service in busy settings and smaller venues can now offer premium drinks without a bartender.

Our custom ordering system allows Licensees to place one order across multiple alcohol and non-alcohol product categories. Stocking your bar has never been so easy and inventory is a breeze!


Cans are 100% recyclable and are produced with sustainable manufacturing processes, eco-friendly packaging and a much lower carbon footprint in both transportation and refrigeration. With 73 percent recycled content on average, cans have more than 3X the recycled content than glass or plastic. Combined greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with transportation and refrigeration of beverages in aluminum cans is 35 to 49 percent lower than glass bottles.


Cans are easy to sanitize prior to serving and everyone gets their own.
It’s okay sometimes not to share!

Takeout Ready

Lightweight and durable, cans are the ideal solution for drinks-to-go. Keep your sales and bar revenue flowing and let your guests enjoy your complete dining experience at home.

Private Label

Our private label services allow restaurants and venues to leverage their brand recognition with a unique product exclusive to themselves. Our creative team works with you to create branding that differentiates your product, fosters brand ownership and engages consumers thru appealing design and exciting technology features.

Quick Shipping

All Licensee orders are delivered via our beverage industry Logistic Partners; meaning that product from various producers arrives quickly to your business. Fully tracked, orders arrive on average within two days within Ontario!

Phyxiat is focused on delivering above and beyond service and has established themselves as a logistics leader in the Ontario craft beverage industry. Delivering effectively and with care for over 15 years!

No Minimum Order

We understand that storage space is always an issue when it comes to front of house and that each establishment has their own unique way to keep things running smoothly. We work with you to make ordering easy. One case or fifty, once a week or once a month, we are happy to meet the needs of your business!

How It Works

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Canthesis provides venues with a new and easy way to explore the fastest growing market segment in alcohol sales around the globe! Discover our crowd pleasing, high quality Canadian single-serve beverage options designed to keep your sales and profits moving!

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