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My name is Mitchell Everett McCurdy, my friends call me Ev. I created Ev’s Eclectics as I wanted a brand that allowed me to make weird and wonderful drinks from all of the beautiful things that Niagara grows.

Perry is the first beverage venture for my brand. I made this decision as I felt there was not enough Perry in Niagara despite the loads of delicious pears growing in our region. Also the delicious unfermentable sugar allows me to bottle condition my products and still have some delicious residual sugar to balance the palate. With the word eclectic in mind I put together two Perries each with a unique spin, with gin botanicals and tequila barrels to help me along the way.

 I am still developing new products and hope to have a full portfolio of wines, ciders, and perry for people to enjoy. All with funky, eye catching labels to make the beverage as appealing outside the bottle as it is on the inside.

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