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Backed By Bees

We believe that the natural world teaches us much. As beekeepers and meadmakers we are always learning to improve our craft. Our journey takes us daily from the flowers in the field, to the hives and bees that roam our urban and country acres, to the seasonal tastes we curate and the meads we create.

We believe nature gives, transforms and connects all of us. As guides, our purpose is to create space for you to experience what nature has to offer.

We believe by living this purpose we will all make balanced choices for the future.

Bee at Nature’s table.

Looking for a unique nature experience or maybe just a mead on a patio?

We host experiences for all ages and comfort levels. We’re busy preparing the property with self guided walking trails, pollinator gardens and a mead patio. You’ll be able to visit our main beeyard on site, have a glass of mead and enjoy the country side of North Burlington. Take a staff guided tour that will walk you through flower, to hive to bottle and the unique role of pollinators, including honey bees, in our ecosystem.

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Our Latest Buzz

The History of Mead

In this part of the world it is not uncommon for the word mead to conjure up in the mind images of Nordic folklore.

Properties of Mead

The identity of mead can be defined generally by eight features.

Styles of Mead

Mead spans both geography, time and culture. It would be difficult to define every category in one place.

At what temperature should you enjoy Mead?

Mead can be enjoyed either hot or cold, so the serving temperature will depend on how you want to enjoy your beverage.

Cellaring Mead

You rarely can go wrong with keeping meads within this range, around ten to thirteen degrees Celsius.