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My name is Gilles Tchianga. I am the Founder of Taltis Foods in Ontario. I am originally from Cameroon in Central Africa. Recently, I was able to share my story on Dragon’s Den; allow me to share it with you now.

Living in Toronto for many years, I could not find the African products on the retail shelves to prepare African Cuisine and make me feel at home here in Canada. As a result, I became homesick, so I started cooking my meals using the available ingredients from the African grocery stores.

Family and friends enjoyed the ready-to-use cooking sauce I made during their visits, and they would usually call me for more. Using my background in food processing and experience in Cameroonian Cuisine, I found inspiration in making a range of sauces and beverages, and I eventually started my own food company.

We combine Canadian ingredients and authentic African spices to deliver unique tastes to consumers. Our products are Ready-to-use and healthy, with no refined sugar added, no preservatives, and no MSG. Taltis Cooking Sauces allow ”food adventurers” to quickly prepare various African foods in the comfort of their homes and save much time.

We are looking to democratize African Cuisine in Canada and North America.

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