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the Latest Buzz

press release – Longslice Brewery Beverly Hills Hop

Inspired by our favourite buddy-cop movie, this Small APA takes us back to the hot Californian summer. Palm trees, neon colours, and a juicy light beer that delivers on flavour. The heat is on, so
cool off with a Beverly Hills Hop!

longslice brewery hotline plaza sketch

WTF is a ‘Hotline Plaza’? Is it a phone line? Is it a hotel? Is it a code name? Or is it the secret password to the dark Longslice Brewery web?
The answer is: We don’t actually know! We just know that we love craft beers and especially our Juicy Pale Ale Hotline Plaza.

for all things sparkling

Not all bubbles are created equal, find out why!

first bottles at last house: a quick chat with new county winemaker andré gagné

The explosive growth, over the past two decades, of Prince Edward County as a high-end wine destination has led many to call it the ‘next Burgundy’.

longslice brewery loose lips sink ships sketch

Silver medalist at the 2017 and 2018 Ontario Brewing Awards! Loose Lips Lager uses 75% premium Vienna malt, giving the beer its unique copper colour and distinctive taste!

distilling a sense of place; adam brierley of ogham craft spirits

While I certainly can’t tell you the difference between if the barley I’m using was grown in limestone or clay, I think there are still plenty of ways to impart a sense of place into every spirit.

romero distilling co. dark rum

Glacier-fed water that originates on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Canadian processed fancy and blackstrap molasses. Distilled in a Canadian made copper pot still. Aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels from Woodford Reserve until the desired maturation is achieved. Spiced and then finished with a combination of fancy and blackstrap molasses.

longslice brewery h2 sketch

A two-time gold medal winner, Hopsta La Vista is perfectly balanced with the rich, malty backbone of an English IPA, and the fruity American hops of a North American IPA.

letting the grapes do the talking; black bank hill’s taylor emerson

Not to limit all the great things that winemakers do, but winemaking is ideally about stewarding the grapes toward their natural destination.

#wearenot9to5 Meaghan Murray

#wearenot9to5 is a series of mental health experiences from people in the F&B industry to fight the stigma & shame. Mental health affects us all. I haven’t always been this way. Well I probably have but I suppose I was much better at dealing with it. Hiding...